Elk Antler Dog Chews 
                     From Naturally Shed Antler    



Antler Pantry's primary focus is providing the best Elk antler available for your dog's safety and enjoyment.  That is why we use only the highest grade antlers to create the safest and longest lasting dog chews.  Our dog chews come as either whole antlers or half antlers, split lengthwise, leaving easier access to the marrow.  Either type will come to you with all sharp edges removed for your dog's safety .  
Dogs generally prefer the half antlers since the marrow is so easy to get to. The chewing time for halves is about 3 weeks and approximately 3 months for whole antlers of the same size.  

Antlers are very hard yet soften a bit with the dog's saliva while chewing. This allows the antler to break down slowly with the chewing action and not splinter or come off in hunks.  
Dogs benefit from the nutritious as well as dental aspects of antler since antler is comprised of Calcium, Minerals and Phosphorous.  A perfect treat for tarter removal.
The chews are recommended by the dog's weight.  The suggested size will provide the maximum chewing time for your dog.  Antlers do need to be taken away when they become small enough to no longer be safe for your dog.   
Please supervise your pet when chewing antlers, as with any dog chew.
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